Your Home Maintenance Checklist Before Winter

Have your home maintenance checklist got all its checks before the heavy snow falls?  If not, you still have time to complete all your check marks. Let us start with you home exterior.

  • Do your walls, sidewalks, or driveway still have its cracks, deteriorating bricks, concretes, and asphalts?
  • Do your sidings with damage or rot?
  • Do your gutters and downspouts still full of dried leaves or have suspicious blockage?
  • Have you inspected your roof for damaged or frizzy shingles, blemished flashing, or leaky vents?

During winter many people were forced to stay inside their warm home.  While you’re inside your home, you may want to feel more relaxed and comfortable so before the winter starts let us help you with your home interior checklist.

  • Have you been to your attic and examine for evidence of leaks and have you ensured that it has proper ventilation?
  • Have you checked all your pipes for possible leaks?
  • Does your furnace ducts cleaned?
  • Do your windows and doors already have gaps in caulk and weather-stripping?
  • You may also consider changing the color of your walls and ceilings paint?
  • Have you checked your fireplaces for ashes or dusts build up or are you thinking to go for an eco-friendly fireplaces or burners?

The above list is not a complete list of all the things you can do for your home but it should give you a leg up on numerous task needed to do before the winter starts.