Environmentally Friendly Bio Flame Fireplaces

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Because it is Earth Day today, I would like to discuss the benefits of the environmentally friendly Bio Flame Fireplaces.

Bio Flame fireplaces run off of clean burning Ethanol fuel. It is all-natural and made from renewable resources. Ethanol fuel is based on sugars. It is created through the fermentation of sugars such as sugar cane, beets, corn and potatoes. This means that you are not cutting down trees to feed you flame like you would have to with wood burning stoves. Sugar based plants are also much easier and quicker to regenerate than trees.

There is no air pollution with the Bio Flame ethanol fuel. By choosing to use Bio Flame fireplaces you are helping to keep chemicals and toxins from being released into the air. Everyone can benefit from the reduction of pollutants in the air, why not do our part? As an added bonus ethanol fuel creates a clean heat source. There is no odor, soot or smoke when burning ethanol fuel from Bio Flame.

Other fireplaces such as natural gas do not burn 100% clean. Natural gas is composed of methane with traces of other gas such as propane, producing carbon dioxide and creating greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the clean burning ethanol fuel, Bio Flame fireplaces are 100% efficient. There is no venting, chimneys or hook ups required. No electricity is needed! This allows for all of the heat to stay in your home.

Another benefit of Bio Flame fireplaces is that they are portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are many different beautiful, stylish designs of Bio Flame fireplaces available. Personally I like the fact that you are able to move them about your room easily. This allows for re-decorating or re-arranging you rooms whenever you please with no hassle.

Bio Flame fireplaces are simple to use. The ethanol fuel sits inside the burner and only takes seconds to refill. Set up is minimal and usually takes no more than 30 minutes. You will literally spend more time decided how you want to arrange your room to find the perfect place to enjoy the environmentally friendly Bio Flame fireplace then actually setting it up.

Would you ever have thought that your could have a beautiful open flame with such little hassle and literally no impact on the environment? I know I didn’t, and then I found the Bio Flame.

All that is left to do this Earth Day is turn out all the lights or cut out all the power if you so choose. Light up that environmentally friendly Bio Flame fireplaces, kick you feet up, relax and enjoy!